By playing music and mixing at the end of the 00’, Jibis now is a valued artist of Lyon’s stage and Tapage Nocturne’s organization.

His motto is to fully play his selected pieces, galvanizing and embellishing the rythms. By doing so, he tries to deliver to the public the deepest essence he finds in music. With a steady flow, he likes to adapt to the place and delivers powerfull DJ sets, Techno, House and Acid.

Seen and heard in many events, he learns from each representation. That’s how he got to mix with several well-known artists such as Ellen Allien, Steve Rachmad, Robert Owens, Julian Jeweil, Ryan Crosson, Sam Paganini, Marco Bailey, Gabriel Ananda…

Concerning his production, he finds himself progessing freely. After a few releases with Bonzaï Records, Italo Business et Aenaria, he also works with Lyon’s label Nashton Records and the quite new projet Blue Night Jungle.

Huge music enthusiast, Jibis gains from every experience such as his studio collaboration with the parisian conductor Jeff Beckmann or even his DV1’s residenc, a iconic place of Lyon’s techno events. He even had the chance to close the final event of the club, with an ardent public in June 2016.

Also, in a more deep and personnal music, he is also known by « Sanjib » and « SJ », under which you can discover an other part of his personality.


• 24/07 : NEXT DATES

Fri, 28/07 - La Plateforme - Sanjib w/ Evigt Morker (Lyon)
Fri, 11/08 - Communion w/ Ryan Crosson (Paris)
Sat 02/09 - Nacht - Le Petit Salon (Lyon)
Sat 14/10 - Hypnotik Festival w/ Ben Klock, Len Faki, Antigone (Lyon)

• 29/11 : New released on Nashton Records
" A PLACE FROM NOWHERE " now on VA - Conneckt : 



This project invites the public to abandon themselves and to be guided by the artist. Between techno and dub-techno, atmospheres full of emotions and elegance are mixed together to create true pictures and highlight passion, feelings. Whether it's dark or more enlightened, each title takes us on a journey, full of authenticity and sincerity.

After several very promising EPs released on the Lyon label "Lett Records", Sanjib works and refines each composition he makes according to the experiences of his own personal life.


An experience focused on the imagination. With each album its own history, its own journey...


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